Well, you don't say! (disappearicons) wrote,
Well, you don't say!

They're here!

Carcharias t-shirts for sale!

Click the respective links to purchase your shirt(s)
of choice, you'll be redirected to the online store.
(non-U.S. peoples, add this to your order)

Black Sails Ahead!

Kings, Queens, & Aces

Sea Royalty

The Accolade

ABOUT: In late 2005, two geniuses set forth to create a new clothing line that would be based on creative freedom, stepping away from the repetitive, inartistic approach that many get-rich quick clothing lines have adopted. Along the way they slayed Vietnamese centipedes, smited the naysayers, and even found the time to play the occasional game of backgammon. The artistic endeavor of Marcail Madorum and philanthropic guidance of Charles Stella, eventually led to the creation of Carcharias Clothing.

Carcharias was a rowdy child at first, refusing its original surname and coming to terms with it’s creators' media of choice -Marcail with her background and experience in graphic/webdesign, and Charles' background in painting/illustration. But ultimately, a happy conclusion was found through Marcail’s design power and Charles’ monetary endowments. Big endowments. Just ask him. He’ll tell you all about his big endowments.....

There's no quiet, sunny Florida retirement planned in Carcharias’s future! Expansion is the name of the game. Shirts, stickers, hoodies, pogs (yes this includes slammers), thong underwear, corporate backing, sailboats, cannons, and hostile takeovers. Who ever knew two art-school drop outs would end up with an empire more omnipresent than the Britain of yesteryear? Watch out my friends, or Charcharias may take a bite out of you.

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