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Subject: 3/5 members of From Heaven With A Gun
Title: Candids
Used For: Entertainment value/The second photo I am turning on for my "texture" project tomorrow.
Film Type: FujiFilm 400 Superia X-Tra
Scan Quality: Okay. Those bright glares on their faces are from the scanner, so excuse those.

Taken At: Same baseball field.....
Lighting: Same deal as last time.....
The Method To My Madness: N/A
Notes: I absolutely love these shots.

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And just in case, you missed the
introductory post: I developed the
film, and printed/developed each
photo by hand. The actual size
of the black and white's are 8"10".
These and the last batch posted,
were freshly printed earlier today :)


Subject: Various subjects around Pittsburgh, PA
Title: Our project was called, "Pittsburgh: Someplace Special"
Used For: (see above)
Film Type: Kodak 400 TMax
Scan Quality: A lot better than I was expecting, as far as details go!

Taken At: (see above)
Lighting: Morning
The Method To My Madness: Random shots
Notes: Hope you enjoy them, as much as I did taking them.

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Subject: From Heaven With A Gun
Title: Candid/Miscalculated Shots
Used For: Entertainment value
Film Type: FujiFilm 400 Superia X-Tra
Scan Quality: Decent, considering even 300dpi doesn't do colour photos justice.

Taken At: Same baseball field.
Lighting: Same deal.
The Method To My Madness: N/A
Notes: Hahaha.....

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Subject: Joe, Tim, and Sudor (from From Heaven With A Gun)
Title: 2005 Promotional Photos
Used For: Chosen by the band, to be on the official website/MySpace/etc.
Film Type: Kodak 400 TMax & FujiFilm 400 Superia X-Tra
Scan Quality: The b&w's scanned a lot better than the coloured ones.

Taken At: Baseball field, with a horizon line of trees and cars passing by in the background.
Lighting: Pitch black, with no street lights close enough to have an effect on anything. The only reason I saw where I was shooting, was with the help of the AF-assist (preview light) on my camera.
The Method To My Madness: Because it was pitch black, my subjects turned out nice and sharp with the background straight black. The light lines in the back are motion blurred cars, that were really far away. The car blurs are not in each shot, simply because they weren't any cars driving by for 2/5 members!
Notes: It was hard to get a serious photo out of these guys. Especially, since most of the time I was guesstimating the photo. But overall, these turned out a lot better than I anticipated. And please remember, these were taken for a band, so they're not going to be oozing with creativeness. They're meant to be very simple.

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PHOTOGRAPHY ENTRY 001: Introduction (just to give all of your art-n00bs and idea of what I'm working

Well, it's been decided I'm going to post my photos here, instead of having a million journals all over the place. I've made an icon to coincide with the photography entries, that way you know what the nature of the posts are from now on. To everyone who's friends with me over at immune, just skip the first few entries, as you've already seen them!

Canon Rebel EOS XSN (35mm)
FujiFilm Finepix A210 (digital)

FujiFilm 400 Superia X-Tra (colour)
Ilford 400 HP5 Plus (black and white)
Kodak 400 TMax (black and white)

Printing Paper:
8"x10" Kodak Polycontrast IV RC (F-Glossy)

All black and white film is developed and then printed individualy by yours truly